We are updating our highly out of date booking info page. In the mean time, the short answer is below:

How to book:
ALL booking is now done by email only. Our address is: . Although we do have some kind of MySpace and Facebook presence, we DO NOT use them for communication. Please use this email only. Please include a link (not attached mp3s) to some of your music online. When requesting a show, you will have better odds if you ask for specific dates, rather than vague "sometime in the next few weeks, months, etc." timeframes.

What to send:
After your show is booked, please send some flyers (5 or so is fine) if you have them. Also, an actual cd (or cd-r) copy of some of your music can be helpful, but is not absolutely necessary. Our address is:
106 E Jackson Ave
Knoxville, TN 37915

If you would like to email us about any non-booking related issue, please use ask @ (note: be sure to remove the spaces before and after the @ sign to make it work- trying to avoid spam.). Thanks.