Warmth from the home front

photo credit s. gigante

“This is our place.
This is our space.
This is where we go to listen and be listened to.
This is where we go to be inspired.
This is where we go to have our faces melted and our minds blown. 
This where we go.
It’s time to give back to the Pilot Light”
-Susan Bauer Lee

“Home Sweet Pilot Light, I just almost cried thinking about walking in the doors again. I can’t wait to be back there when it’s safe – please support Knoxville’s locally run but globally treasured nonprofit independent venue so we can continue to be loud, weird, silly, stupid, creative, rowdy and revolutionary together within its walls again, hopefully very soon ❤️”
-Elizabeth Wright

“Knoxville isn’t Knoxville without the Pilot Light.” -Matt Honkonen

“I can’t imagine the person I’d be without the Pilot Light, but if it were gone, I couldn’t imagine the people that could have been more.” – Tim Eisenger