Pilot Light’s Big 20!

It’s our 20th year!
Our birthday wish is
to hear from YOU.

Sing us something!
Show us something!
Say us something!

[ Recent submissions: First capsule performance: Maspeth ]

May of 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of Knoxville’s home for original, independent, experimental music and performance : Pilot Light.

We wish we could gather with all of you to celebrate the past and inspire times to come. With humanity’s present crisis we are sad that this option is (temporarily) unavailable. But perhaps this presents us an opportunity to do something more far reaching?

We have decided to take this oddly timed birthday to make a personal request: We would like to hear from you. There are three ways that you can help us right now: testimonials, photos & videos, and money.

What does Pilot Light mean to you? Do you have a favorite memory or funny story? Is there a moment or time in your life when Pilot Light has made a difference in your creativity? Sign our birthday card! Write message- take a picture- shoot a video that we can share with the world. Pilot Light’s future will be set by the strength of its public support. If all you have to contribute are your kind words and testament, we want these the most.

Photos & Videos!
Do you have photos or video footage from shows at Pilot Light? From 10 years ago? From a few months ago? Let’s get it all in one place! We are gathering media to document our history with an online archive and we need your help. Dig into your old photos, phones, and media pages for memories you’d like to share.

Being shuttered for over two months has depleted our already shoestring operational means. Small music venues will be among the most challenging businesses to reopen; with no detailed plan yet to emerge. We have held out as long as we can, but now we must also take this moment to hold a fundraiser in order to make it through this difficult time. If you are in a position to help us out with a donation, no matter the size, it would be greatly helpful.

During our campaign, and to break this interminable silence, we will be presenting a series of short, new performances from the stage at Pilot Light. These videos will be presented on our website alongside your contributions of memories and media.

20 years is a long time, by any measure, to do anything. In the context of independent venues, it places us among a venerable few. Pilot Light’s persistent and indelible place in our creative community is the result of an uninterrupted 20 year stretch of personal commitment and tireless effort from a small group of volunteers. Its survival (and reason for being) is thanks to the enthusiastic support of thousands of artists and those who appreciate and participate in creative expression, live and in person. Thank you for your support, and for helping us celebrate with this grand collage. We are excited to carry this team effort into the future. There is no new normal; there was no old normal; and thank heavens for that.

We miss you all.

Pilot Light

Pilot Light is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and all donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your support!